Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New Williams-Sonoma Pieces


I'm really a sucker for anything with scalloped edges, I think it's a timeless statement like these dining pieces. I also love these rattan pieces that are elegant, functional and can be used for for formal or casual gatherings, especially the salad spoons. The oval tray could be used anywhere: coffee table, counter, shelves, laundry room, buffet table, or the centerpiece for a dinner table (if you have a large enough table). Also, worth noting the cheese board also comes in a beautiful marble cut too.

I was surprised and happy to see these Peter Rabbit embroidered napkins. Peter Rabbit was my favorite character as a child, I had all the books. When others were reading Dr. Seuss, I was hugging my rabbit stuffed animal and reading about his many adventures and the adventures of his friends. These could be used year round not just in the spring or at Easter.  



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